Is one-on-one coaching for me?

Got an important speech coming up? A big audition? An interview you have to nail? Or do you just feel your conversational skills could use a boost. One-on-one coaching is the best way to achieve your goals.

Megan has worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, to Ashton Kutcher, to up-and-coming actors, to regular people looking to improve their listening/speaking abilities. And you don't have to live in LA. Thanks to Skype, Megan has worked with clients as far away as Puerto Rico and Paris.

Whether serving as your speech coach, your audition coach, your conversation coach, or a combination thereof, Megan has the expertise to accomplish your goals and enhance your comedic abilities.

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Client testimonials

"Megan's wit and insight come from a complete understanding of comedy. She brings out the best in whoever she works with. I felt completely at ease after one session with her, which is half the battle with the ha-ha's. After working with her for a month, we honed a really great set for my character audition. I cannot recommend Megan enough!"
- Ed Kiniry-Ostro , Actor/Writer/Producer

"Megan is an incredible coach. She was one of my first coaches in LA and she still continues to teach and support me years later. Megan was a huge part in helping me edit and develop character for my Saturday Night Live showcase. I highly recommend her!"
- Jamie Gaul, Actor/Comedian

"Megan was amazing. I had the pleasure of coaching with her for a comedy pilot and because of her wealth of experience, she was able to give me observant and useful feedback on what I was already bringing to the audition. Highly recommended."
- Roy Vongtama, Actor/Doctor

"Megan has helped me develop characters, write characters and has directed me in the majority of my YouTube videos. I don't know where I'd be without her comedic genius."
-Syd Wilder, Actor/Comedian

"Megan helped us bring our one-hour sketch comedy show for kids…with puppets, Puppet Town, to the next level She is great at taking an idea, smoothing out the structure and upping the funny. She works in a quick, easy, and efficient way. She also happens to be lovely and hysterical. A dream!"
- Rachel Lewis & Alex Fox Staff Writers – Odd Squad, PBS; writers/creators: The Jon and Eddie Show, Nickelodeon

"Megan creates a wonderful, fun comfortable space to play in. I had never met her before and I immediately felt comfortable being vulnerable and going for it in front of her. I really appreciated that she didn't try to change the heart of what I was doing, she was always just looking to see how to make it better funnier, clearer, more grounded. She has a sharp eye and a kind way of speaking, and she works great under pressure!"
- Claire Titelman, Actor/Comedian

"Working with Megan for my SNL audition took my writing and character work to a whole new level. She went above and beyond to make sure that my characters not only suited me as a performer and person but also to make sure that they fell into the 'character category' that SNL would be looking for. Her experience is priceless and her feedback honest, not to mention the boost of confidence she gave me to get up and do some of my best work to date."
- Jeanine Peters, Actor/Comedian

"Megan brought characters out of me that I had no idea existed. I was so nervous and insecure about the whole process but she guided me to a point where I felt comfortable and confident. I could never have done it without her. Working with Megan allowed me to have fun in my audition, which is all you could ever hope for."
- Alex Mack, Actor/Comedian

"Working with Megan on my SNL character showcase made the process feel almost effortless. Through Megan's nurturing guidance, I was able to successfully create and write 4 distinct characters and 3 distinct impressions and perform them confidently in under 5 minutes. Megan is a true comedic sensei. Her mentorship would be a huge asset to any aspiring actor."
- Kristin-Marie Findley Actor/Comedian

"I had an audition right when I moved to LA. I was in desperate need of coaching, and
contacted Megan. She immediately emailed me back, and set up a rehearsal. She
is smart, quick, encouraging, and knows both the business of LA and the craft of
comedy. She is also down to earth, easy to communicate with, and genuinely
cares about her students."
- Nathan Streifel, Actor


Coaching Bio

Megan began teaching improv and sketch comedy in 2004 with the Second City Theater in Chicago. Soon thereafter, she started teaching improv at iO Theater and the Annoyance Theater – where she co-created the sketch comedy curriculum and taught the advanced level of the program for two years.

After moving to LA, Megan joined the faculty of iO West Theater and Second City Hollywood. She also began teaching and coaching independently. Over the past 7 years, she has worked hundreds of times as a speech coach, a private improv coach, an acting coach, a director, and a conversation partner. She has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from up-and-coming comedians, to children in foster care, to Ashton Kutcher, to the homeless, to advertising executives, to pharmaceutical reps, to ESL speakers, to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

She has been hired as a guest instructor at Columbia College, UCLA Business School, The Johnny Carson Comedy Festival, The Del Close Festival in New York, and for several renowned theater groups – including the West Side Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, "See You Next Thursday" in Columbus, Ohio and "Eux" in Paris, France.

No matter the client, Megan has a firm belief that improving their comedy skills will better their lives.